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The Ultimate Pull-Up Program


The Ultimate Pull-Up Program is a progressive training system created for pull-up break-through and progression for those stuck on a plateau or even unable to perform a single pull-up.

Created by a woman, it was originally focused on a female clientele simply because women seem to have more trouble than men in mastering the pull-up.

However, the method of the program works very well for men too. This is a plan which is the result of 14 years of expertise in pull-ups and workouts by someone who had to start over again as a result of a serious accident.

Despite the name, the program is also a solid full-body training system, as the shoulders blades, trapezius, rhomboid, deltoids, core, glutes, and even legs participate in the pull-up lift to stabilize and make the movement more efficient.

The program is not just about lats and biceps, though of course, these are the primary movers, but also about technique and overall body strength in order to use all muscles involved in the pull-up as a chain, making it possible to increase reps and personal bests regularly, with good form too.




Features and Benefits of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

You may be thinking a pull-up seems like a simple exercise to master. Just grab a bar and pull your chin over it. Other than having the strength to do it, it doesn’t seem that complicated.

And you’re right — it’s not complicated. But to get the most out of a pull-up, it takes a full-body workout that supports the core, upper body, and even your glute strength. The Ultimate Pull-Up Program addresses each of these areas and helps every pull-up become a more effective full-body exercise.

Meghan’s program also supports developing the muscles in your shoulder blades – where the real work happens during a pull-up. Your scapulae muscles help you to control the movement. Without them, your form will be sloppy, and you won’t reap the full rewards of the exercise.

The Ultimate Pull-Up Program will teach you proper form, technique, and grip. It will also help you increase your upper body strength while also focusing on your muscle tone and condition. And you’ll gain strength in your lower body, including your glutes, calves, hamstrings, and quads.

Special Features of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

Feels like Personal Coaching

With over 16 years of fitness coaching experience, Meghan Callaway makes the program feel like you’re working with her one-on-one.

Fundamental Breathing Section

Meghan knows that how you breathe through an exercise impacts how much you get out of the effort.  Better oxygen levels mean better muscle function.  Meghan includes an entire section in her program on how to breathe correctly for your best pull-up.

A Full Body Workout

A pull-up isn’t just about the arms, so the Ultimate Pull-Up Program addresses the whole body.

Drawbacks and Cons of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

Like anything, there are a couple of potential downsides to the program.

Hard on the Elbows: Pull-ups are hard on your elbow joints. That’s why Meghan Callaway includes a section on better elbow health in her Ultimate Pull-Up Program.

Not a Quick Fix: You’re not going to go through this program in a week and master a pull-up. This program has four phases that average four to six weeks each. You may see quicker results if you’re already reasonably fit, but this program will take some time to do it right.

About Meghan Callaway Fitness

Meghan Callaway is an author and fitness blogger with over 27 years of experience as an athlete and more than 16 years as a personal trainer and fitness coach. She believes that you can use fitness to improve every part of your life. She uses her experience to develop workouts you can follow easily but which give you great results.

The Bottom Line on Meghan Callaway’s The Ultimate Pull-Up Program

Even if you can already do a decent pull-up, this program may still be for you. This program can help you advance your fitness goals by improving your form and leveling up your pull-up game with some advanced moves.

Thanks to Meghan’s approach and extensive experience as a fitness coach, everyone can follow her program, from beginner to advanced fitness buff.

And with her 100% money-back guarantee, there’s no risk. You can return the program with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied. But with her technique and detail, this program is highly recommended.



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